Inter BEE 2015 TV: Fuyoh Video Agency exhibits flash reduction device jointly developed with TBS Television -- reduces impact of flash at press conferences

2015.11.19 UP

MPF5000s (1)
Optical router system (1)

Optical router system (1)

The Fuyoh Video Agency booth (video and broadcast equipment, booth #2608) at Inter BEE 2015 exhibited the company's SDI/10G-IP optical router systems, the IPG3000 SDI/10G-IP converter and the IVR3000 IP video router.

The IPG3000 SDI/10G-IP converter takes 3G, HD, and SD-SDI signals and converts them to 10 gigabit ethernet (SFP+). The IVR3000 is an IP video router which allows for multi-casting multiple SDI signals on a 10G ethernet line to a destination of your choice.

On the showfloor, a live demonstration was given, showing using the assignment panels for real-time switch control.

Other products on display were as follows:
3G-compatible new peripheral equipment
MPF5000 3G peripheral shelf and other units (distribution, voice multi and demulti, FS, remote, etc.)

CDI1000 HD subtitling ANC converter
Allows for swapping in subtitles

DSR Series matrix switcher and new RCP3000 Series assignment panel
On display were the DSR9360, a large-format 256x256 matrix switcher and the medium-format DSR9040, a 72x72 switcher, as well as 8, 16, and 32 channel assignment panels and full-channel X-Y panels for the control of these devices.

FRU1000 flash reduction device (jointly developed with TBS Television)
Reduces the impact of flash at press conferences, etc.