【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Itochu Cable Systems demonstrated a file-based production system being used by WOWOW since March. It also developed the IMC system for integrating the management of broadcast and in-house systems.

2015.11.26 UP

Integrated Management Center (IMC) developed by Itochu Cable Systems.
Multi-codec compatible 8K file player with synchronized X Jive.

Multi-codec compatible 8K file player with synchronized X Jive.

Itochu Cable Systems showed its file-based production system that has been used by WOWOW since March. Itochu Cable was contracted to build an integrated management system for WOWOW. AVID's Interplay|Production/MAM is used for editing-related production asset management, and 10 units of AVID's ISIS|7500 are used for storage. These were connected to over 30 units of AVID Media Composer in a network.
For recording, nine units of AVID Airspeed 5000 are used for baseband ingest and secondary video. For highlights, four units of EVS XT3 are used. For file exchanging and file ingesting, four units of Telestream Vantage Transcode Pro and four units of interra systems' Baton Enterprise file QC system are employed.
For network security, four units of Palo Alto Networks' firewall and UTM PA-5050/PA-5020, 20 units of AlaxalA's AX4630S/AS3830S network switch, and 13 units of Cisco's Catalyst 4500/4948 are used.

The content is converted into files by bringing in files externally and baseband ingesting. The files are shared with AVID ISIS|7500 and edited with Media Composer. Telestream's Vantage Transcode Pro and interra systems' Baton Enterprise are used for transcoding. After the quality is checked, the master is delivered and the Web version is delivered.
The system's main attraction is the Integrated Management Center (IMC) developed by Itochu Cable Systems. This provides the interface for the broadcast station's commercial broadcast system and broadcast system. The broadcast system and in-house system used to be managed separately. Their management is now integrated with IMC.

The booth also showed four units of X Jive, a 4K file player. They were linked up as a multi-codec-compatible 8K file player to play an 8K demo video. They displayed four video images stitched together seamlessly on the monitor screen. The four images' synchronization precision was 7 ms or less.

Itochu Cable Systems also demonstrated a 4K 60p live streaming solution. It showed an Internet service platform for live streaming using the cloud. It touted new features such as targeted ads and live to files. Also, Quickplay was demonstrated for the first time in Japan. Quickplay has a history of over 10 years in the managed service of multi-screen delivery.