【Inter BEE 2013 TV】ASK showcases software by AJA Video Systems for real-time Region of Interest selection in 4K video, also features a new I/O product compatible with Thunderbolt 2

2013.11.14 UP

Ki Pro Quad
Editing Solutions 4K

Editing Solutions 4K

In the AJA Video Systems section of its booth, ASK (Booth 8409-01) showcases AJA's Corvid Ultra and TruZoom software. This software allows selection of an arbitrary area of 4K input video, and scales the selected area to HD size, outputting it in real time. At the booth, the software is demonstrated with a clip showing a close play from a Major League Baseball broadcast. The demo shows how the Region of Interest can be selected manually in real time.
When using the software on a live broadcast, linking with a switcher is possible.

In another section of the booth, AJA's 4K recorder, the Ki Pro Quad, is mounted on Canon's C500 for a demo in which RAW data is compiled in the ProRes format. Video can be rapidly imported into the editing environment. The result is a much more efficient 4K workflow.

In the 4K Editing Solutions section of the booth, the soon-to-be-released "io 4K" is on display. The io 4K interfaces with Thunderbolt 2. It is scheduled for release at the same time as the Mac Pro. This will make it possible to have a portable system for 4K input and output.