【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 Keisoku Giken The FE ultra-resolution unit "FE-B1" allows 4K video from an F55 to be experienced in 8K

2013.11.13 UP

FE Ultra-Resolution Unit  FE-B1

 Keisoku Giken (Booth: 7001) displayed their instruments under the banner headline of "4K On Going, 8K Ready."
In the "8K Ready" concept zone, they demonstrated a system based on the "FE-B1," which takes 4K video and upconverts it to 8K. The video was displayed on four 58 inch 4K panels. This allowed new 4K content from the Sony video camera "PMW-F55" to be upconverted and experienced as 8K video.
In the "4K On Going" concept zone, they displayed mainly the "UDR-N50A," which is compatible with 4K/60p, along with the "SCRATCH Play," which is well known for video editing. From November 2013, Keisoku Giken has been an official distributor for the Assimilate "SCRATCH series." Starting in January 2014, they will ship free SCRATCH series bundles with the "UDR series." With the expandability of the UDR and the flexibility of SCRATCH, this will provide a new environment for the front lines of 4K/8K video editing.
In addition to the above, they also displayed many different products compatible with 4K, such as the "QuadMC series," which is a line of four I/F converters compatible with 4K, the "Ki Pro Quad," which is a professional resolution 4K recorder from AJA video systems, the 4K-compatible miniconverter "Hi5-4K," and the "4K2HD."