[Inter BEE 2015 TV] DJI Exhibition of "Osmo", the perfectly integrated hand held 4K camera with camera shake correction On sale for ¥85,000

2015.11.19 UP

Hand held small sized 3-axis gimbal camera system

DJI present the hand held 4K camera "Osmo", which makes use of the 3-axis gimbal video stabilization technology that they have developed over many years. Suppressing the camera shake that can be seen when using previous hand held cameras, it allows videos that are as smooth as movie video to be easily shot without the use of expensive professional equipment. (Booth number 6314)

"Osmo" is a hand held 4K camera that makes use of 3-axis gimbal video stabilization technology that the company has developed over any years. Through this technology the camera shake that can be seen when using previous cameras is suppressed, allowing the easy shooting of video that is as smooth as a movie, without using expensive professional equipment. The price is ¥85,000.

The hand held 4K camera "Osmo", with camera shake correction, is equipped with a lens that gives a 94 degree viewing angle with the 1/2.3-inch sensor. It has a distortion suppressing design and is capable of shooting 4K video and 12 megapixel still images. Install the "DJI Go" app on your smartphone and you can connect to the camera via WiFi, allowing real time viewing of camera video, and control of all the camera operation modes. The 3-axis gimbal video stabilization capability allows perfectly horizontal video to be maintained even if you slant the camera.

Further, aside from the stabilization capability, the camera is equipped with a variety of intelligent shooting capabilities, such as timelapse photography capability, long exposure photography capability, 360 degree panorama capability, slow motion photography capability, and remote control capability.

In particular, when producing panorama pictures "Osomo"'s camera automatically rotates 360 degrees, and produces a panorama from the successive pictures. "In general, in panorama pictures, the camera shakes due to it being held and rotated by a person, however with "Osomo" a smooth, stable picture can be taken" explained Hideya Marukawa. And regarding long exposure pictures he explained that "regular cameras require a tripod. However, "Osmo"'s stabilizing system allows long exposures to be taken without the use of a tripod." In its slow motion capability, it can take 120 frames per second, and due to its stabilization capability it can produce smooth slow motion photography with no shake.