(Inter BEE 2015 TV) Unitex Presents Portable LTO-6 Archive System HandyLT Featuring 4 USB 3.0 Ports and Notebook PC Compatibility

2015.11.18 UP

Handy LT HLT560L

 Unitex will be presenting the portable LTO archive system HandyLT and the Unitex LTFS3000 tape file system software at their Inter BEE 2015 booth (Video and Broadcast Equipment Area, Booth #5110).
 The portable LTO archive system HandyLT is equipped with a high-speed, high-capacity LTO-6 tape drive and features a handle for easy transport. Compatible with AC/DC power sources, compact and light, dustproof, and designed to run silently, the HandyLT can be used outdoors on location.
 The casing is equipped with 4 USB 3.0 ports on the front and the HandyLT can be connected to a notebook or server and memory card reader to continuously archive multiple memory cards. The HandyLT can use an external hard drive as a simultaneous archive.
 The HandyLT is compatible with various industry standard archive software in addition to Unitex's own.
 Windows/MacOSX compatible Unitex LTFS 3000 is a tape file system for archiving through LTO. The utility functions are uniquely localized in Japanese and can operate and manage everything for multiple LTO drives from one GUI screen.
 LTO tape data is displayed with Widows Explorer or Mac Finder in the same way as that on hard disks or USB memory, and can be dragged and dropped, moved, copied, and deleted like normal.
  With its common file system used in multiple OS environments (Windows, MacOSX, Linux), Unitex LTFS3000 allows users to share and exchange data independent of the OS or application. The software drastically improves the integrity of data by enabling multiple connected LTO drives to be used on the same system and by writing to multiple tapes simultaneously.