【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 Kenko Professional Imaging Tokina Cinema ATX Lenses on display; equipped with dual PL/EF mounts, new aspherical lenses providing high-level image rendering performance

2013.11.13 UP

Tokina Cinema ATX Lens Series
edelkrone Slider Plus V2

edelkrone Slider Plus V2

 Kenko Professional Imaging (booth: 6405) exhibits the new 'Cinema ATX Lenses', released in late September from their Tokina brand. The lenses boast both EF mounts and the same PL mounts used in cinematic film cameras. They also come equipped with a gear system that uses follow focus to stop and focus during photography with extreme precision.
 The focus/zoom pin included allows for smooth operation, and the lenses are capable of high-quality image rendering through the use of new aspherical lenses and ultra-low dispersion glass. High-level peripheral screen resolution, guaranteed quantities of light, and compensation for (lens) distortion are achieved through a large-aperture 56 mm P-MO lens positioned in the front group, as well as two glass-mold aspherical and three SD (ultra-low dispersion) lenses positioned in the rear group. The lenses cost 580,000 yen (tax not included).