[Inter BEE 2014 TV] Shizuka displays the Shizuka Stillness Panel audio panel, which was developed with participation from pro musicians, engineers, etc. It demonstrated high sound absorption even at the exhibition venue.

2015.1.25 UP

Shizuka Stillness Panel sound absorption panel

Shizuka, which produces, sells, and measures acoustic panels, as well as the soundproof material "HITORI SHIZU," exhibited their "SHIZUKA Stillness Panel (SSP)" at Inter BEE 2014.
It utilizes a newly developed sound absorption material panel. It creates a silent space via an original sound absorption structure, and it is said to be possible to create an "accurate monitoring environment," the most important thing when mixing.
SSP was developed with participation by pro musicians, recording engineers, sound space designers, and so on. It has excellent properties as a wall material for acoustic spaces such as music studios, live music venues, movie theaters, and more.
It is 3cm thick and measures 8㎡. Instead of the conventional urethane, it employs glass wool. Because of this, it absorbs over 90% of sound over 500Hz and achieves this with almost no reflection.
Thanks to the foaming agent used in its resin, the SSP features a structure that is highly resistant to high levels of humidity, meaning it can be used maintenance-free indoors as well as outdoors.
Because of its thin design, even from a construction method standpoint, there is no need for the conventional room within a room studio, but yet reproduces a vacuum chamber-like space.
In fact, other companies even used it in their booths. Placed behind a speaker, echoes from the wall fell 3db at 50Hz.

(This is a report of exhibitor content from Inter BEE 2014, which was held at Makuhari Messe, November 19th-21st, 2014)