[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Acoustic Field demos "CEDAR DNS 2," which provides real-time background noise reduction at voice recording sites

2016.11.17 UP

3212_Acoustic Field_dns2
3212_Acoustic Field_Stereophonic sound system_1

3212_Acoustic Field_Stereophonic sound system_1

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3212_Acoustic Field_Stereophonic sound system_2

At Inter BEE 2016, held for three days from November 16th (Wed.) to the 18th (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe, Acoustic Field will be giving a demo of "CEDAR DNS 2," which removes background noise in real-time at voice recording sites. Controlled with a single knob, this unit provides high-quality recording while eliminating traffic noise, insect sounds, background music, feedback, and the like, all without post-editing.
The company will also be exhibiting optimization technology featuring HPL processing, which first appeared in 2014. This technology serves to provide a better music listening experience with both headphones and earbuds. As of this year, it is being used for broadcast media applications including radio baseball broadcasts and 22.2ch television sound.
Acoustic Field is introducing the HPL Broadcasting System, which is specialized for relay broadcasting, as well as several real-world examples of the technology in use. At the exhibition, visitors can listen to samples from Nippon Broadcasting System Show Up Nighter's pro baseball broadcasts.
In the area of stereophonic sound technology, Acoustic Field will be presenting its 3D panning processor, which allows unrestrained, omnidirectional operation. The company will also demo its rendering technology, which enables creation with any number of channels in 22.2ch. This includes a reproduction of a 22.2ch sound field in 8ch.

•CEDAR Audio DNS 2
Introducing the amazing DNS 2 dialog noise suppressor, which reduces background noise in real time while recording vocal sources. It can be controlled with a single knob at the point of recording, reducing background noise such as traffic noise, insect sounds, and background music at the user's discretion. This unit allows high-quality voice recording without the need for post-editing.

•HPL Broadcasting System New
This broadcasting system uses HPL optimization technology to create a better music listening experience with headphones and earbuds, and turns 3D mixes into headphone surround sound.
For games 1 and 2 of NPB's Japan Series, Nippon Broadcast System Show Up Nighter used 3D sound radio broadcasting. At the Acoustic Field booth, visitors can listen to a samples of baseball broadcasts in 3D surround, made with HPL Broadcasting System.

•Relativity 3D Audio Panner New
Audio panning processor allowing omnidirectional operation with complete control.
3D audio panner that enables seamless stereo image placement in 5.1ch or 22.2ch, without relying on the number of speaker channels. At the Acoustic Field booth, the company will be giving a demo using an 8ch (4ch lower, 4ch upper) cube speaker system.

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