Inter BEE 2014: Ask Corporation: Four mini booths for AJA Video's CION 4K camera, Timecode's Timecode/Metadata hub, and Newtek's TriCaster Mini shown for the first time.

2014.11.13 UP

The CION 4K camera was announced at NAB Show 2014 and got much attention.

The CION 4K camera was announced at NAB Show 2014 and got much attention.

Ask Corporation will exhibit at Inter BEE 2014 (Booth 4206) to be held from November 19th (Wed.) to 21st (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe. Their booth will have four sections for AJA Video, Ask Corporation, GB Labs, and D-STORM. They will show and demonstrate products used in diverse fields in the video industry.

■ AJA's latest products, centering on the CION 4K production camera to be shown for the first time in Japan.
The booth's AJA Video section will show AJA's latest product line-up, centering on the CION 4K production camera to be shown for the first time in Japan. CION enables recording in ProRes 4K60p, and AJA Raw output in 4K120p. Also to be displayed are the Ki Pro series for shooting, and editing converters for on-location work. Editing products will include KONA 4 and Io 4K, the latest editing systems for 4K60p. The converter section will show broadcast-quality converters.

■ Announced at IBC2014, Pulse Timecode/Metadata hub to be shown in Japan for the first time.
The booth's Ask Corporation section will have a wide range of products for shooting, editing, file management, and storage, all to improve the video production environment. Products from Ask's partner companies will also be displayed. You can see automated and accelerated workflows which have become important for file-based operations. Products for metadata management and file-base 2.0 with HD, 4K, and 8K will be exhibited. Also, the Pulse Timecode/Metadata hub, announced at IBC2014, will be shown in Japan for the first time.

■ HyperSPACE SSD accelerator and other SPACE series network storage to be displayed.
The booth's GB Labs section will show the SPACE series network storage, including the HyperSPACE SSD accelerator, providing 4x faster performance than the conventional HDD model.
HyperSPACE accelerates the performance by 4x compared to a conventional HDD. It is an SSD cache unit and new technology. It provides the capacity of an HDD and the speed of an SSD. Also to be displayed: multi-camera real-time editing workflow and the SPACE SSD and SPACE 2014 model that were actually used for the "Netto Koshien 2014" documentary program about the 96th National High School Baseball Championship this past summer.

■ TriCaster Mini to be shown in Japan for the first time and TalkShow prototype.
The D-STORM section will feature the TriCaster series and 3Play series. TriCaster enables even non-professionals to produce a professional-looking video program. They do not have to be video or computer experts. It is a portable video production system enabling live streaming video broadcasts. The booth will use TriCaster8000 and TriCaster460 for live demonstrations. TriCaster Mini I will also be shown in Japan for the first time, and TalkShow will be displayed.
New in the TriCaster series is the compact TriCaster Mini with features on par with higher end models. Very easy to set up.
TalkShow, displayed as a prototype, is a video chat system using SkypeTX which was announced at this year's IBC. The system has hardware with built-in software designed mainly for TV studios and producers of live videos. During a live broadcast, a full-frame, high-quality Skype video chat can be used for a guest speaker.

■ Booth's products
The booth will show the following major products in the respective sections:

☆ AJA Video
· CION 4K production camera (first time in Japan)
Lightweight 4K/UHD and 2K/HD production ergonomically designed cameras. Enables internal recording in ProRes 4K60p, and AJA Raw data output in 4K120p.
· Ki Pro family
The entire Ki Pro Series to be displayed: Ki Pro Quad enabling 4K ProRes recording, Ki Pro Rack for a 1U rack-mount, and Ki Pro Mini in the smallest size.
· KONA family
KONA 4 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014), shown together as a desktop editing solution, capable of 10-bit 4K60p output.
- Io family
The Io series are portable I/O devices. They include the Io 4K capable of 4K I/O and Io XT for 2K I/O. Displayed together with a PC equipped with Thunderbolt.
· FS family
The FS1-X frame synchronizer and converter provides high-quality frame rate conversion and 5.1 and 7.1 stereo mix-down and reversed telecine functions.
· Mini-Converters
AJA's popular mini-converters for broadcast-quality conversions to be displayed.

☆ Ask Corporation
· Timecode Systems: Timecode Buddy Series
The Timecode Buddy series enable the timecode to be transmitted and received wirelessly (RF signal or Wi-Fi). The Pulse timecode/metadata hub, announced at IBC 2014, will be shown for the first time in Japan.
· Squarebox: CatDV 11
Asset management software for efficient video file management. Version 11 features a Web 2 interface, revamped playback engine, and support for 64-bit architecture.
· Telestream: Vantage 6.3 transcoding engine
Version 6.3 supports GPU-accelerated HEVC/H.265 and XAVC decoding.
· ATTO: Thunderbolt Desklink
· Co-exhibitors
Adaptec: RAID controllers
Acube & Towa Denki: BOXX Technology's products + AMD products
DDN Japan: SFA7700
HGST Japan: G-Technology products
MSI: WS60/WT60

☆ GB Labs
· HyperSPACE
SPACE TIER 1 storage with optimum SSD accelerator
Top-performance shared storage designed for 2K, 4K, and 8K. Ultra version 6000MB/s also available.
· Mini Space 1RU
Super Tier 1 Storage fits in 1U rack for small studios, broadcasting vans, and DIT carts.
· Midi Space 3RU
Low-budget central storage system with Tier1 storage performance and scalability.

· NewTek's TriCaster Mini (first time in Japan)
· NewTek's Talkshow (reference exhibit)
Video chat system using SkypeTX.
· NewTek's TriCaster Pro Line-up Series
· NewTek's 3Play Series

Yamawaki Bldg. 11th floor, 4-8-21 Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0074
Video and Broadcast Equipment, Hall 4, Booth 4206