【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Rohde & Schwarz exhibits 4K transmission solutions including the 'Venice' Media Production Hub for 4K broadcasting, a 4K HEVC transmission module, and TS monitoring

2013.11.14 UP

4K HEVC transmission module

 Rohde & Schwarz (Booth 7306) welcomed DVS GmbH into its group of companies in 2010, giving them the reach to cover every line of business from program production workflow to digital broadcast transmission. At the show, they are conducting a demo that follows a digital transmission flow optimized for 4K broadcasting.
The 'Venice' Media Production Hub brings revolutionary functions to the program production workflow. As 4K starts to become a realistic possibility for broadcast stations, Venice offers 4K solutions for superior production picture quality. The demo will also introduce the system's media asset management solutions.
The 4K terrestrial transmission demo, refined in 4K test broadcasts around the world, utilizes the 'R&S BTC' Broadcast Test Center, the 'R&S ETL' TV Analyzer, and 'R&S BMM810' TS monitoring (on display for demonstration purposes.) Visitors can follow each step in the 4K transmission process, from HEVC encoding and multiplexing, through DVB-T2 modulation, DVB-T2 demodulation and analysis, and finally HEVC decoding and monitoring.