[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Broad design: "PR-30" a news-cutting tool jointly developed with TV Tokyo; edit video quickly for a speedy delivery

2016.11.24 UP

HDMI to SDI Converter

HDMI to SDI Converter



SDI to HDMI Converter

SDI to HDMI Converter

 Broad-Design ran a joint booth with VRi (Visual Research Inc) at Inter BEE 2016. They exhibited current and future products and systems with the theme "from linear to nonlinear, from HD to 4K".

 At the booth, they demonstrated a "VRi hybrid editing system" that links "KarismaCG" and "D-Stream DX". Real-time telop creation and editing is now possible with a new hybrid editing system adapted to linear editing workflow.
 Also, "KarismaCG 4K", a 4K HDR, and 4K-compatible baseball coders were also exhibited. There was also a demonstration of the "D-Stream 4K", a 4K disk recorder compatible with 4K HDR.
 The "D-Stream 4K" is suitable for 4K recording, playing, and ingesting.

 In addition, the following three Broad-Design products were exhibited:
 · "FP-300", file media preview software
· "PR-30", partial retrieval software
· HDMI converter

 The file media preview software, "FP-300", corresponds to XDCAM, ProRES, DNx. By installing an output board to a PC, it can be used for video output. Because it is possible to synthesize TIFF images using the main line, it is also possible to synthesize logo marks and safety markers to output images.
 The partial retrieval software, "PR-30", was jointly developed with TV Tokyo. It was developed to edit news materials, etc. in a short time to deliver them quickly. It was developed according to program exchange standards, meaning only the necessary parts need to be cut and added to the series without needing to type the time code.

 In addition, products from E2 Works, a Korean manufacturer, were also exhibited. Their new HDMI to SDI converter can run the main system by getting power from an HDMI device instead of using mains electricity. Around 100 units of the SDI to HDMI converter, announced last year, have been sold so far in Japan.

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