【Inter BEE 2014】Hytec Inter, distributor of communications equipment for use in industry, defence, and transportation, to exhibit the "WiMi Series" capable of transmitting H.264 HD over an IP network, and to give a demonstration of HD transmission using a wireless outdoor access point/bridge

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Products from the

Products from the "WiMi Series". From left, WiMi4000T、WiMi4000R、WiMi6400T、WiMi6400R

Wireless access point/bridge

Wireless access point/bridge "Propeller"

Hytec Inter will exhibit at Inter BEE 2014 held at Chiba's Makuhari Messe for 3 days from Wednesday, November 19th to Friday the 21st. At their booth (Booth No. 2303), they will exhibit the "WiMi Series" HD video transmission equipment, and using the wireless outdoor access point/bridge "Propeller Series," they plan to demonstrate a wireless HD video transmission system. They will also exhibit such products as WAN load balancers that connect several different WANs enabling stable communication.
Hytec Inter's president and representative director Norihito Asao stated, "Hytec Inter supplies industrial communications equipment for use in factories, defence, and transportation among other areas. We have supplied a large amount of equipment for use in video surveillance systems such as those at train track crossings and on highways. We would like to promote the contribution we can make to the broadcasting and imaging industries with the video communications products and technology Hytec posesses, and to make more people aware of our products."

-Offering 40 millisecond low delay H.264 encoder/decoders at low cost and aiming to make them more widely used
Hytec's main exhibit at Inter BEE 2014 will be the HD video transmission "WiMi Series." The devices in this series compress analog composite, HDMI, HD-SDI, VGA image input, etc. into H.264/MPEG-4 AVC formats and transmit them over an IP network. They support both input and output in 1920×1080 full HD. It's a system that allows HD images to be transmitted with a high level of freedom using only an IP network and eliminating the need for such things as a dedicated line.
Toshiaki Sato from Hytec Inter's Business Promotion Division sold the series' superiority, stating that "The products are unique in that they have a 40 millisecond low delay encode/decode function while remaining low cost. Our competitors' products usually cost a few million yen, but depending on configuration, the WiMi Series' devices go from between ¥180,000 and ¥300,000 per unit. Used in a pair, a full HD image transmission set-up is possible starting from ¥400,000."
 Using access lines with an IP network, of course, enables use of wired connections to the Internet, but also makes it possible to use various different wireless networks.

-Exhibition of wireless access point/bridges that enable the easy set up of a wireless outdoor link
 Making their introduction at Inter BEE 2014 will be 2 new products, "Propeller 2" and "Propeller 5" wireless outdoor access points/bridges. Propeller 2 supports 2.4 GHz band transmissions and Propeller 5 the 5 GHz band. Specializing in distance is Propeller 2 with a range of around 200 m at a transmission speed of 60 Mbps and 1500 m at 5 Mbps. To suit their purpose, these devices can be positioned horizontally or vertically. It is presumed that horizontal positioning will mainly be for when the device is used as a bridge and it can be moved up and down at an angle of 70°, left and right at 35°. Vertical positioning, mainly for use as an access point, allows for up and down movements of 35°, left and right of 70°.

 Used in conjunction with the WiMi Series, Hytec Inter will demonstrate a wireless full HD transmission system at the exhibition. Sale of the devices will begin at the exhibition. Propeller 2 will be priced at ¥50,000, and Propeller 5 at ¥60,000.

- Introduction of WAN load balancers and reference exhibit of wireless outdoor bridges and multi-decoders
 In addition to the above, "Peplink Balance Series" WAN load balancers will also be displayed. WAN load balancers aim to provide redundancy to improve network reliability and increase connection speed by joining numerous WAN lines.
 As a reference exhibit, Hytec Inter will display 2 wireless bridges that enable wireless outdoor transmission over long distances. "PTP650" uses a 4.9 GHz band and in the case of registered access, it makes long-distance wireless transmission possible over distances of 20 km at a speed of 30 Mbps, and 60 km at 6 Mbps. "PTP-5400JP" does not require a license and uses a 5 GHz band. At transmission speeds over 10 Mbps, you can expect distances of 20 km.
 Furthermore, the firm will also exhibit the "MBox" for reference purposes. It is a multivendor image decoder that is compatible with all makes of network camera. Supporting numerous compression formats including MPEG4, H.264, and MJPEG, with this multi-decoder, you can create a video surveillance system with just 1 unit, even in an environment with network cameras of various makes.

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