NAC Image Technology: Featuring high-end flagship ALEXA 65. Demonstrating 4K video with ALEXA 65.

2014.11.15 UP



Tokyo-based NAC Image Technology will exhibit at Inter BEE 2014, (Booth 4511), to be held from November 19th (Wed.) to November 21st (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe. They will show ARRI's AMIRA cinema-style digital camera, Open Gate 3.5K RAW data recording, and the ALEXA XT, which can record in 3.2K ProRes. The booth will also show a 4K sample video taken by the high-end flagship ALEXA 65 camera.

■ ARRI's AMIRA cinema-style digital camera supporting 4K UHD file recordings
ARRI's AMIRA cinema-style digital camera has the same Super 35mm sensor as the ALEXA. It can thereby shoot HD 1080 and 2K video in ALEXA quality. It also features a wide dynamic range with over 14 stops, low noise, excellent highlight processing, and natural color reproduction. The video can produce beautiful, smooth skin tones recordable up to 200 fps. The AMIRA can record in the ProResLT/422/422HQ/444 codecs with Rec709 or LogC selected. It can also shoot impressive slow-motion videos up to 200 fps. Uses widespread CFast2.0 memory cards enabling recordings up to 200 fps. It also supports 4K UHD file recordings.

■ ARRI's ALEXA TX film-style digital cinema camera
The ALEXA TX is a film-style digital cinema camera capable of recording ARRI RAW up to 120 fps. It has a Super 35mm sensor and XR module co-developed with Codex Digital. It also supports the ProRes and DNxHD codecs, and can record up to 120 fps in ProRes 4444. With the software update to be released early next year, it will be possible to record in Open Gate 3.5K ARRIRAW and ProRes3.2K.

The booth will also show Angenieux Optimo Style zoom lenses, centering on the 25-250mm lens, and the new 30-72mm and 56-152mm Optimo 30-72mm anamorphic zoom lenses. You can also see NAC Image Technology's own Hi-Motion ultra slow-motion camera equipped with three sensors and the B4 lens mount. As for lighting equipment, ARRI's new L5 LED fresnel light and new HMI PAR Spotlight M Series with reflector will be displayed.

■ Major equipment to be exhibited
The above and the following equipment will be exhibited:

☆ Cameras and lenses
· AMIRA, ARRI documentary-style digital cinema camera
· ALEXA XT, ARRI film-style digital cinema camera
· ALEXA 65, ARRI 6.5K 65mm cinema camera
· CODEX Vault 3.0
· CODEX Action Cam
· ARRI/Zeiss UWZ (ultra-wide zoom lens)
· Angenieux Optimo Style zoom lens
· Angenieux Optimo 30-72mm anamorphic zoom lens
· ARRI Universal Motor Controller UMC-4
· Non-ARRI cinema camera accessories

☆ Lighting
· ARRI LED Fresnel Spotlight L5 (New)
· ARRI HMI PAR Spotlight M Series (New)

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