【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Explorer demonstrates 4K real-time HEVC codec, development promoted by NEDO’s innovation venture support project; also introduces original “rate control function” technology

2013.11.15 UP

4K-supported H.265/HEVC codec

 Explorer (booth 8402) is showcasing an UltraHD/4K-supported H.265/HEVC codec, working in the most advanced video encoding format.
 They will launch the “commercial development of a 4K-supported H.265 codec with built-in rate control,” which was selected for the innovation venture support project of The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). At Inter Bee, Explorer will be demonstrating real-time decoding by their H.265/HEVC codec currently under development.
 The device enables flexible expansion to support many functions concomitant with video technologies, such as data storage functions, wireless LAN and new communication configurations, multi-viewing, scalability, 8K, and more.
 They will also be exhibiting a H.264 codec with built-in rate control, and demonstrating the EHH-2015E/D H.264 codec, useful for high-definition medical systems. Its built-in rate control function is the greatest feature of Explorer codec products. The rate control function is one that “Adaptively controls the compression rate and transmission method of the video depending on the status of an IP network (available bandwidth) at different times, allowing continuous uninterrupted transmission, even as the level of IP network congestion changes from moment to moment.”