【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Japan Material exhibits Matrox M264, a 4K H.264 10-bit hardware encoder, and VidiGo CC, a conference broadcasting system with high-quality superimposed texting.

2015.11.26 UP

Matrox M264
VidiGo CC

VidiGo CC

 Japan Material and Matrox had a joint booth. It showed Matrox's new products such as the Matrox M264, a 4K H.264 10-bit hardware encoder. From VRi was KarismaCG, a real-time 3D character generator. Diverse products were exhibited.

H.264 encoding board enabling 4:2:2 10-bit encoding. It supports 4K resolution and enables encoding, decoding, and transcoding. The Matrox DSX SDK development tool is also provided.

A real-time 3D character generator enabling high-quality 2D/3D superimposed text. Playback is in real-time without any rendering. It can also read DEKO files.

Conference broadcasting system with broadcast-quality superimposed texting easily controlled with a touch screen. Also enables streaming and output to SDI.

The booth also displayed signage player BrightSign compatible with 4K video playback, and Digitogo ET-HST4300/ET-HSR1300, an HDMI extension distributor with a 300m scaler function.