【Inter BEE 2013】Crypton Future Media ― Exhibiting free Mutant sound management software, enabling users to search for and purchase sound material based on keywords or concept

2013.11.15 UP

Crypton Future Media booth

Crypton Future Media booth

 Crypton Future Media (booth 4409) is presenting its sound material download service using its Mutant sound management software (top photo). Sound files are provided from the library of Crypton's online sound material store Sonicwire.com (http://sonicwire.com/). Mutant is the free management software for that service and makes searching for, purchasing, and managing sound materials more efficient. At Crypton's booth visitors can try out Mutant's ease of use for themselves.

■Offering tens of thousands of sound materials, including effects and background music
 Crypton's library features tens of thousands of sound materials, including effect sounds and background music (BGM). Because files are license-free, customers are free to use them in a variety of contexts. Using Mutant it is possible to view information associated with sound files, including keywords, description, and wave pattern, which makes it easier to understand the characteristics of the sound files.
 With the built-in search function, users can type in keywords matching their concept and quickly select files that fit the desired use. Users can listen to the files to confirm that they match their concept.

■In addition to effects and BGM for TV programs, use in video game content also growing
 The library includes sound files produced by leading American professional recording group Hollywood Edge and world-famous effects developer Sound Ideas, as well as numerous files produced by Japanese contributors. Crypton explains, "It's a great advantage to be able to easily access a rich variety of sound files with clear rights and easy usage."
 In addition to effects and BGM for TV programs and video productions, use in video game content is also increasing. New materials are always being added to the library.
 Purchases can be made on a per-file basis. Effects start at 150 yen, while BGM starts at several hundred yen. There are also product packs that include a few to several dozen files and start at 8000 yen.