[Inter BEE 2015 TV] CreateLED Japan: Large AirMAGICBOX-3 cube-shaped LED signage panel

2015.11.20 UP

Air Magic Box

Air Magic Box

For the second year running, CreateLED Japan is showing primarily LED signage panels made by CreateLED. The main stage is showing impressive footage at a resolution equivalent to 4K on the 1.9 mm pitch high-definition AirMAG-1 with an LED signage panel 9.5 m wide and 5.0 m tall.
Also on display is the new AirMAGICBOX, a hightly creative cube-shaped panel. They are at booth #2303 in the video/broadcasting equipment section.

This new product at an LED pitch of 1.9 mm is the highest resolution model in their AirMAG series of high-definition, high-contrast LED signage panels.
The booth is demonstrating impressive footage on a screen equivalent to 4K at 7.5 m wide (3,840 pixels) and 4.0 m tall (2,048 pixels).

This cube-shaped LED signage panel brings outs diverse possibilities for creative production.