Inter BEE 2014: Panasonic unveils its "Panasonic 4K World," featuring the Varicam 35 and other 4K products. Also on display is the Lumix GH4U 4K solution, which pairs with a drone for aerial photography

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varicam 35 4K camera/recorder

varicam 35 4K camera/recorder

 The Panasonic Group (Panasonic, Panasonic System Networks) exhibited at Inter BEE 2014 from November 19 through 21 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. (Booth #4308)

The booth concept was "Emotion & Revolution: New Technology Takes Panasonic's Broadcast Solutions Forward." On offer were "end to end total solutions" geared at broadcasters and professionals in the video industry.

The Varicam 35, a 4K camera and recorder, was on display, along with a range of other 4K production solutions. Also on offer was a lineup of digital video and still cameras that included a 4K compatible wearable digital camera.

■4K workflow demonstrated with the Varicam 35. Aerial, drone-based capture shown

The 4K production solutions area showed off the Varicam 35, a 4K camera and recorder. Also on display was a workflow demo that used 4K tools from various companies. An aerial drone and three-axle stabilizer were used to demonstrate a solution employing the Lumix GH4U 4K.

Panasonic also showed its 4K LCD monitor, the BT-4LH310, its 98'' rigid UHD LCD display, the TH-98LQ70, and other devices.

The Varicam 35 is a 4K camera that uses a newly-developed super 35mm MOS sensor and features the AVC Ultra codec.
Like the high-speed Varicam HS, which reaches up to 240fps, the Varicam 35 is module-based, letting users assemble the components they need.

The camera also allows for shooting at a dynamic range that exceeds 14 stops. The V-709 gamma curve is equivalent to the previous V-REC curve, making it ideal for shooting content for commercials and TV dramas. The V-Gamut color gamut also supports BT.2020.
The Varicam HS uses a standard 2/3 bayonet mount, and it offers the same 14-stop dynamic range and wide color gamut as the Varicam 35.
Both units feature onboard color grading and feature twin recording elements and two codec formats, allowing for files to be stored for online or preview applications. The Varicam 35 also is slated to support Codex's V-RAW recorder.

■The AV-HS7300, a 4ME live switcher in a new formfactor, demonstrated at the booth

At the studio solutions area, a 4ME live video switcher in a new form factor was being shown. The studio subsystems found at a broadcasting station were installed at the booth for a live demo. Other solutions included network-compatible products and high-speed, high-efficiency file-based workflow solutions through archival systems.

The studio solutions area was also home to a 4K compatible 2/3 multi-purpose camera shown as a reference item and the Varicam HS, which was announced alongside the Varicam 35.

■TH-55LFV70J video wall made up of 4 displays

There were LED broad lights shown at the studio lighting area as a reference item. In addition to products showing all-LED applications of spotlights, broad lights, and color horizon lights, there was a lighting control panel that intuitively controlled the studio lighting in the same way one would operate a tablet device.
Lastly, Panasonic showed a 1.2GHz A-sized digital wireless microphone system from RAMSA and a multi-screen compatible super-thin bezel video wall made up of four TH-55LFV70J units.

■Live stream on Ustream

Following up on last year, Panasonic again launched a live Ustream feed from its booth. (Stream URL:

■Major products on display

At Panasonic 4K World:
- 4K compatible wearable cameras, digital still and video cameras

4K production solutions:
- Varicam 35 4K camera/recorder, 4K workflow (in partnership with Alliance)
- Lumix GH4U 4K solution
(aerial drone with triple axel stabilizer)
- BT-4LH310, 4K LCD monitor
- TH-98LQ70, 98'' rigid UHD LCD display

Network & file-based solutions:
- Network-compatible AVC-ULTRA camera recorders: AJ-PX5000, AJ-PX800, and AJ-PX270
- AJ-PD500 and AJ-PG50 network-compatible AVC-ULTRA recorders (reference items)
- AVC-ULTRA network workflow (streaming/FTP/cloud)
- Professional archiving system, archival outsourcing service
- DMR-T4000R digital input recorder

Studio solutions:
- AV-HS7300 live video device (4ME)
- AV-HS6000 live video device (2ME)
- 2/3 multi-purpose 4K camera (reference item)
- AK-HC3500A Studio Handy Camera
- HD integrated camera
- Tap camera system
- Varicam HS high-speed camera recorder

55'' video wall:
- TH-55LFV70J super-thin bezel LED display (four displays)

Studio lighting:
- LED broad lights (reference item)
- LED Fresnel spotlights
- LED color horizon light
- Studio lighting mixer

RAMSA wireless microphone systems:
- 1.2GHz A-size digital wireless mic system

Panasonic/Panasonic System Networks
Panasonic headquarters:
1006 Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma, Osaka-fu
PSN headquarters:
8-21-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Video & broadcasting section/Hall 4/Booth 4308