【Inter BEE 2016 TV】ANTELOPE AUDIO display the latest all-in-one audio interfaces such as "Zen Tour" & "Orion Studio"

2016.11.16 UP


ANTELOPE AUDIO (2202) display the latest all-in-one audio interfaces "Zen Tour", "Orion Studio", and "Goliath Antelope Audio" at Inter BEE 2016 being held at Makuhari Messe for 3 days from November 16th (Wed) to November 18th (Fri).
ANTELOPE AUDIO have implemented their clock and ADDA conversion technology into their audio interfaces. Vintage EQ and Comp simulation from previous years have also been launched with their onboard effects which use FPGA. They have low latency, clocks, onboard effects, and a wealth of input and output.
The guitarist Mikio Fujioka is performing at their booth demonstrating Zen Tour in action.

Head Office Address
〒 Papa Joan Pawel 11 Sq 6, Sofia 1164, BULGARIA
Display Section/Hall/Booth Number
Pro Audio Section/Hall 2/2202