【Inter BEE 2015 TV 】FUJIFILM Recording Media Department shows the LTO Ultrium 7 with a 15 TB maximum capacity and 750 MB maximum transfer speed.

2015.11.20 UP

LTO Ultrium 7

At Inter BEE 2015, FUJIFILM (Video and Broadcast Equipment Booth 4207) showed the LTO Ultrium 7 boasting a 15 TB maximum capacity and 750 MB maximum transfer speed. Their "Tape saves your future" catch phrase refers to cost saving (low TCO cost), data saving (safety), and future saving (future-proofing with a maximum 220 TB capacity).

■ Storage for an increasing amount of data due to 4K and 8K videos and for archived videos.
Videos on tape are increasingly being converted to files. LTO tape is an outstanding solution for long-term storage since it provides high capacity and consumes no electrical power during storage. An ideal media for safe and long-term data storage. For six LTO generations, FUJIFILM incorporated BaFe magnetic material that is well suited for high-density media. It supplies system-dedicated tapes for various enterprises. Also shown were the PD711 professional disc for XDCAM commonly used in broadcast stations and the HDCAM HD311 videotape still in wide use.

■ Also displayed were services supporting file-based operations: Conversion, Long-term Storage, Sharing and Management, and Data Sending and Receiving.
The Conversion exhibit showed how older content such as broadcast tapes and movie films can be converted electronically to files and stored on the latest recording media such as LTO.
The Long-term Storage exhibit showed the d:ternity data archiving service for the long-term storage of content with LTO. It makes it easy to migrate data at low cost.
The Sharing and Management exhibit showed IMAGE WORKS, a file-sharing service to share and manage videos and movies. It offers unique services including 60 MB maximum capacity, high-speed transfers, streaming playback, and previews of design graphics.
The Data Sending and Receiving exhibit showed SECURE DELIVER for large-volume secure file transfers.
In addition to sophisticated security log monitoring, it also enables large-volume transfers up to 10 GB as well as movie streaming.