【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Networld/IBM will display their 4K/8K compatible, high capacity/high speed storage products. The 4K DPX 10bit 60p houses plenty of files in1 hour intervals.

2015.11.18 UP

IBM Japan_IBM Tape Storage Products
IBM Japan_IBM Flash Storage Products

IBM Japan_IBM Flash Storage Products

IBM Japan will be sharing a booth with Networld, Ltd. (booth number 3104) to display their storage products. In addition to the IBM TS1105 tape drive (capacity: 10TB, continuous data transfer speed: 360 MB/s, both when data is uncompressed) and 3592 JD tape cartridge display, IBM TS 4500 tape library operation will be demonstrated under the control of a Cisco server.
The 3592 JD cartridge with it's large 10TB capacity can be used to store as well as transport 8K video footage. In addition, it can house plenty of 4K DPX 10bit 60p files in 1-hour intervals with it's approximately 7TB storage. The TS 4500 tape library only takes up 2 square meters in area for installation and supports up to 15PB of storage. That is 55,000 hours of 4K XAVC 60p files.
Not only tape products, but IBM FlashSystem all flash storage will also be on display. FlashSystem uses all flash SAN storage to read 10GB of data every second on a sole 2U unit This is possible due to IBM's own architecture that resolved the SSD issue. Such speeds surpass the 8K DPX 60p real transfer time achieved by 8GB per second. The flash memory module used by FlashSystem will be on display at the booth.
The tape drive "TS1150" can carry 10TB on one reel. The "JD Tape Cartridge" will be on display, as well as new 8K/4K compatible solutions. An actual unit of the "TS4500" high-capacity cartridge with an automated maintenance feature will also be on display, and a demo showing it in action will be run at the event. Also, demo performance examples of the "TS1150" and the "JD Tape Cartridge" used by Toei Lab Tech will be introduced at the event. Furthermore, the IBM FlashSystem ultra high speed storage, indispensable for 8K/4K editing, will also be on display.