【Inter BEE 2018】NTT Bizlink Shows Off 4K Broadcast Solution - Live Streaming to Multiple Destinations in Unicast Format - Successfully Used at Interop ShowNet

2018.11.11 UP

4K Unicast Copy Broadcast Solution

4K Unicast Copy Broadcast Solution

 NTT Bizlink have been offering a "4K unicast copy broadcasting solution" that makes low latency multipoint 4K broadcasting possible since October 1st. They're exhibiting at the Inter BEE 2018 NTT booth.
The solution allows 4K images to broadcast live to multiple destinations via a unicast format. Encoding of the camera image, transmission to each destination via unicast lines, and decoding are included in one package. It's tailor made to meet corporate needs for video broadcasting, such as remote lectures, live streaming of events, shareholder meetings and executive Q&As, pharmaceutical seminars or medical conferences.

With the FCC (Flow Copy-Cast) system, based on the SDN software switch and router Lagopus developed by NTT, and an IP network (closed) combined with a distribution cloud, users can enjoy low latency multipoint live 4K broadcasting on even a short term basis.
Lagopus is an SDN software switch for high speed packet processing developed by NTT. It runs on general purpose servers making it easy to link to applications. It has been used every year at Interop's ShowNet since 2015.

The two companies are also beginning join tests to verify performance of high speed software packet processing in a commercial environment, to promote the use of SND technology in network services for corporations.

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