【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Dan Dugan Sound Design exhibits automixer that automatically detects live microphones and automatically adjusts gain for each channel, as well as total gain

2015.11.20 UP

Model N, Model M Automatic mixers for Dante
Model K automatic mixer control panel

Model K automatic mixer control panel

Digital mixing console QL1

Digital mixing console QL1

Dan Dugan, inventor of the automatic microphone mixer (automixer) is representing Dan Dugan Sound Design at Inter BEE 2015.
 New products are being displayed and demonstrated at the Dan Dugan Sound Design booth (Hall 1, booth No. 1508), including the Model M automixer featuring up to 64-channel MADI input, the Dante network-compatible Model N, and the tactile keyboard controller Model K.
 The exhibit also includes the Yamaha Dugan-MY16 for Yamaha digital mixing consoles, and the card-based mixer product Avid Dugan-VN16 for live sound systems based on Avid SC48, FOH Rack and Mix Rack.
 Dan Dugan is performing seminars and demonstrations of actual equipment at the booth.
 As a sound mixing console accessory for use in unscripted programming, or situations where gain adjustment is not predetermined, the automixer automatically detects live microphones and automatically adjusts gain for each channel as well as total gain. It thus effectively controls background noise and the generation of feedback. This frees engineers from the need for complicated fader operations, providing stable, reliable operation.

Dugan Models M, N
 The Dugan Model M is an automxier that features MADI input of up to 64 channels, while the Dugan Model N automixer is compatible with Dante networks. Both systems can operate with Power over Ethernet (PoE) working on up to 96KHz (32ch at 96KHz). And they employ the unique Dugan Speech System and Music System, as well as the Dugan Gain Mixing System.
 They are also equipped with a scene memory function making quick on-site setup and recall possible. Interfaces include LINK terminals for building large-scale systems, and ADAT input/output capable of handling 16-channel input/output.
 In addition to the front-panel Models M and N, Model K features a tactile control panel, as well as the software-based Dugan Control panel for Java (free), and the iPad app Dugan Control Panel for iPad, to be released soon.

Dugan Model K
 The Dugan Model K is a tactile keyboard controller that can connect through the network to all other Dugan products.
 With LCD display for improved visibility during operation, each channel is equipped with illuminance-adjustable lighting for auto, manual, mute keys, and the encoder for weight adjustment, etc. As with the Dugan Control Panel control software, it enables operation of all equipment and channels, displaying Dugan devices in groups of eight channels, and enabling switching between layers.