【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Nobby Tech The Japanese debut of the latest 'Phantom', which is 4K compatible and can film at 1000 frames per second (33x speed)

2013.11.15 UP

4K high speed camera Phantom Flex4K

 Nobby Tech's (booth 8215) long-awaited 4K compatible model of the 'Phantom' makes its Japanese debut. The Phantom's 4096x2160 resolution makes high-speed photography at 1000 frames per second (33x speed) possible. It has an unprecedented low level of noise and high-resolution imagery, and can also be used like a normal camera. The camera boasts a dynamic range that spreads further than conventional models, a control panel integrated into the camera's body, and an easy to use interface that supports various workflows. Nobby Tech plan to have the Phantom on display in their booth.
 'ZACUTO' camera accessories will also be introduced at the exhibition. They will display shoulder systems for the classic Canon 'EOS C300' and the Sony 'FS700'. A new system for digital single-lens reflex cameras and other much-talked-about, new ZACUTO products will also be on display.