Inter BEE 2013 TV: Hibino Intersound showcases JBL Professional's top-of-the-line VTX Series of line array speakers, hosts world debut of VTX-F12 floor monitor and fill speaker

2013.11.15 UP



 Hibino Intersound exhibited the latest speakers from JBL Professional.
JBL Professional's top-of-the-line VTX Series of line array speakers includes the VTX-V25 3-way line array element, a full range line array speaker. At their booth, Hibino displayed four units as a ground stack. The V25 has two 15-inch low frequency transducers located to the left and right, two sets of two mid frequency transducers in the middle, and three high frequency transducers, for a total of nine transducer units. JBL has limited the speaker's cabinet height to 414 mm and total mass to 82.5 kg, delivering sufficient acoustic pressure to the specified area with the smallest possible cabinet volume. The high frequency transducers utilize the D2 dual driver, which combines two compression drivers in a single chassis. The wide frequency range spans from 800 Hz to 40 KHz. Hibino also exhibited the S28 and G28 subwoofers, which can be paired with the V25 and are each equipped with two 18-inch low frequency transducers.
Inter Bee 2013 was also the site of the worldwide unveiling of the VTX-F12, a 12-inch 2-way floor monitor and fill speaker. A D2 driver is housed in the high frequency area, with 90° x 50° coverage. A bi-amplified design, the speaker can also be used in a standing position and includes a poll mount socket. Following on the heels of the newly unveiled F12, JBL will also be launching the F15 and F18S models in the future.