Inter BEE 2013 – enRoute’s display of their domestically developed Zion series multi-copter for aerial photography. Foldable-type for improved portability.

2013.11.19 UP

Zion Series Multi-copter for Aerial Photography
EnRoute’s Booth

EnRoute’s Booth

 enRoute introduced a varied line-up of in-house developed and produced multi-copters (above photo) for aerial photography. The product has expanded uses beyond just shooting for television programs, including industrial uses like pesticide spraying and three dimensional measurements.

■Rapid expansion of demand for multi-copters for aerial photography has resulted from improved digital camera performance
 enRoute has developed a variety of different multi-copters in-house, from small highly mobile types exclusively for GoPro use to large types able to be equipped with photography equipment weighing more than 10kg, and the company is the only domestic manufacturer to produce and sell multi-copter airframes.
 According to Mr. Katsuya Noguchi, general manager of enRoute, “Demand for small-type multi-copters for aerial photography has rapidly increased over the past one to two years. This is largely due to the fact that digital camera performance has drastically improved, allowing even small light-weight models to take high quality footage over a long period of time. Our company is expanding its line-up of multi-copters for aerial photography in order to capitalize on this demand.” He continued by stating “Other companies also sell multi-copters for aerial photography, but we are the only domestic company to comprehensively produce them. Our company is a cut above the rest in terms of maintenance and after-care service as well.”

■These multi-copters make possible shots from angles once impossible for traditional cranes.
 EnRoute’s Zion FX940 makes possible transportation in tight spaces as the foldable body allows you to store it with limited space. The product comes standard with a 3-axis gimbal, and is a high-performance model capable of shooting both movies and still shots. Mr. Noguchi, in anticipation of a further expanding market for his products, stated that “We have received high praise not just because we are a replacement for aerial photography done with large helicopters, but more because our products make possible shots from angles once impossible for cranes. We hope to continue to meet industry needs by further expanding our line-up in the future.”