Inter BEE 2015 TV: Rohde & Schwarz Japan exhibits Spycer Box Cell a 4K/8K central production storage system developed by DVS, as well as transcoding servers and other solutions

2015.11.18 UP


Rohde & Schwarz Japan exhibited the R&S Spycer Box Cell, a 4K/8K central production storage system by DVS, as well as the R&S Venice 4K and R&S Venice 2U, which are 4K ingestion and production services.

The units feature new hardware and new processing engines for faster speed. They also support IMF and HDR. On the 20th between 3:00 and 5:00 PM, the company will be hosting a joint seminar with Netflix and Photron at room 103 on the first floor of the International Exhibition Hall.

The Venice 4K ingestion and transcoding server was shown for the first time in Japan. It supports recording, playback, and transcoding of 4K at 50 and 60p.

In addition, the booth followed up on last year with another showing of total solutions around 4K real-time encoding, monitoring, modulation, and demodulation.
The encoder's size has been reduced by half, allowing encoding in a small formfactor.

The company also exhibited DOCSIS 3.1-based solutions geared towards 4K/8K measurement and analysis.

Exhibited products
■Studio production
R&S VENICE 4K: 4K ingestion and production server
R&S SpycerBox Cell: 4K/8K central production storage

■Encoding, multiplexing, and monitoring
R&S AVHE100: encoding and multiplexing head-end solution
GMIT BMM-810: monitoring

■Broadcast measuring equipment
R&S SLG, R&S BTC, and R&S SGT100A: multi-channel signal generators for hi-fi BS digital broadcasts and hi-fi broadband CS digital broadcasts
R&S VTx B2380 and R&S VT-Z2385: HDMI2.0 time domain analyzer
R&S CLGD and R&S FSW: DOCSIS3.1 downstream and upstream analysis solution