Inter BEE 2014: Hibino Group: Exhibition of the latest technology in comprehensive "acoustics, video, and lighting"| Exhibition of high-performance equipment such as 4K enabled LED displays and and the latest line array speakers

2014.11.18 UP


Newest "HCV16-4K" LED display (left), "HLC-4K LED processor with 4K support (right)

"SD5", one of the digital mixing consoles in the "SD series" (left), STUDER's new "VISTA X" console

Grass Valley's

Grass Valley's "GV Director" (left), JBL PROFESSIONAL's "VTX-V20"


CODA AUDIO's "AIRLINE LA12" line array speaker

Hibino exhibited at Inter Bee 2014, held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba from Wednesday, November 19th to Friday, November 21st. Their booth (Booth number: 1309) was a joint exhibition among the members of the Hibino Group (Hibino, Hibino Inter Sound, Studer Japan Broadcast, and First Engineering).
 The company celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Leveraging the group's total comprehensive power, they exhibited the latest products in the various fields of "acoustics, video, and lighting."
 In addition, Hibino and Hibino Inter Sound participated in the "Inter BEE Experience Line Array Speaker Demonstration," held on Thursday, November 20th. Hibino Group promoted the "high-quality, high-performance" of their products at the "High Volume Demonstration" using the a large space in the event hall.
(The photo above is the "HLC-4K" 4K enabled LED processor)

 The exhibits for the companies in the group were as follows:

[Hibino Corporation - Hibino Chromatek Div.]
■ 3840 x 2160 dot 4K LED display exhibited on a 293 inch screen
 This was the first exhibition of the new "HCV16-4K" and "HLC-4K" products for the 4K/8K era, slated to go on sale starting November 19th.
 The "HCV16-4K" is a newly developed 1.69 mm pitch LED display. In the future, it will be the first model in the "ChromaVision" lineup that will reduce costs through overseas manufacturing. Here, in front of the Hibino booth, they exhibited a 3840 x 2160 bit 4K LED display system (screen size: 6.5 m x 3.65 m)
 In addition, the "HLC-4K" is a follow-up product to Hibino's "DLC-612" LED processor flagship model, that has an excellent reputation. They demonstrated the "HCV16-4K" high definition video LED display using Hibino's own processor technology and real dot 4K video.

- "HCV16-4K (ChromaVision)"
 This fine pitch LED display uses a 1.69 pitch three-in-one black lens SMD. At the heart of the display, it is equipped with its own control circuit that has established a reputation with "ChromaLED", and displays high definition video in real bit 4K (3840 x 2160) at 3.65 m tall by 6.5 m wide.

- "HLC-4K"
 This new product is a revamping of the highly regarded "DLC-612" LED processor. Equipped with an advanced design and "cutting edge" motif, as well as a terminal fully capable of controlling a 4K LED screen (1,024 x 768 dot, 12 channel), this revamped model exhibits the newest in Hibino's LED display performance.

[Hibino Corporation - Hibino Professional Audio Sales Div.]
■ Exhibition of the newest "VTX-V20" JBL PROFESSIONAL line array speaker
 The main exhibit is the latest "VTX-V20" from the JBL PROFESSIONAL line array speaker "VTX Series".
 The VTX-V20 is equipped with 2 10-inch woofers in a compact 3-way, to deliver a more overwhelming sound pressure than ever. With excellent distortion properties and directivity control, it can deliver the needed sound pressure to a predetermined area, packed into the smallest cabinet possible. It is ideal for medium sized venues that require high sound quality. At the venue, VTX-V20 will be hung and exhibited in ground stacks.
 In addition, the VTX-V20 was exhibited in the "Inter BEE Experience Line Array Speaker Demonstration," held on Thursday, November 20th to showcase its overwhelming and uncompromising sound pressure. They also showed several new pieces of equipment, such as the "Vi3000" Soundcraft digital mixer, and the "AWC/PD Series" JBL Professional waterproof speakers.

- "VTX-V20"
 This product accommodates 9 drivers (3 high-frequency drivers, 4 mid-range drivers, and 2 low-frequency drivers) into a compact 281 mm tall cabinet. Employing a new suspension system, it enables efficient multi-stage setups.
 For high-frequency drivers it uses the D2 dual driver technology adopted in the "VTX-V25", the top model in the VTX series, in a 1.5 inch compact driver.
 For mid-range drivers, it is equipped with 4 newly designed "2164H" 4-inch cone transducers. In addition to obtaining uniform impedance, it reduces inductance and suppresses non-linear distortion.
 For low-frequency drivers, it uses a differential drive system that runs two voice coils on a single magnetic circuit. Differential drives are excellent for voice coil heat dissipation and achieving uniform impedance, so they increase input resistance and improve high-frequency characteristics.

[Hibino Inter Sound Co., Ltd.]
■ Exhibition of "SUMMA" digital mixing console and "AIRLINE LA12" line array speaker
 Hibino exhibited equipment suited to a variety of needs, such as broadcasting stations, fixed equipment, and live studio recording. They exhibited the CALREC digital mixing console "SUMMA" as a product for broadcasting stations. While compact, it is equipped with a large 17-inch touch screen and is characterized by its intuitive operability.
 They introduced the new Gefen product that has an excellent reputation worldwide for extending, distributing, and switching video for fixed installation purposes. Specifically, they exhibited video-related equipment suited for commercial facilities and digital signage such as the "Video Over IP series" that extends and distributes video vial LAN, and the "EXT-HD-MVSL-441" 4-channel seamless multi-switcher.
 For live studio recording products, they exhibited the DiGiCo "SD Series" Console, which is used worldwide as the main console for tours, and the various speakers from CODA AUDIO, which has grown rapidly since its establishment in 1994 and attracted support with its own technology. CODA AUDIO's "AIRLINE LA12" flagship line array speaker was exhibited at the Inter BEE Experience Line Array Speaker Demonstration, held on Thursday, November 20th.

 This broadcast-use digital mixing console is designed for small and medium-sized studios. Equipped with a 17-inch multi-touch display, it achieves intuitive operability. It is also suited as an extremely compact relay and portable console. Also, like with high-end models, it is equipped with high-performance "Bluefin 2 DSP", which has the highest simultaneous processing capacity. It offers processing of up to 180 channels (can be assigned to mono, stereo or 5.1 ch.)

- "Video Over IP series"
 The "EXT-HD2IRS-LAN-TX" OverIP extension transmitter and "EXT-HD2IRS-LAN-RX" receiver that support HDMI/RS-232, the "EXT-DVIKVM-LAN" OverIP extender that supports DVI/KVM, the "EXT-HDKVM-LAN" OverIP extender that supports HDMI/KVM, and the "EXT-VGAKVM-LAN" OverIP extender that supports VGA/KVM will be exhibited.

- "EXT-HD-MVSL-441"
 This seamless switcher supports multi-view HDMI that can display four channels of HD input on one HD display at the same time. It supports resolution up to 1080p, 1920 x 1200. It is capable of individually adjusting screen size and scaling. It is standardly equipped with an IR extension receiving unit capable of extended IR optical reception.

- "SD Series"
 These digital mixing consoles are all equipped with "STEALTH Digital Processing". Based on the the latest "Super FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)" FPGA technology that operates on a floating point, it is equipped with the high-performance "TigerSHARC" chip, and achieves vast headroom and dynamic range with its high processing power and point calculations. All models also employ a touch sensor type large 15-inch TFT display. They enable excellent visibility and efficient operation.

 This is a 3-way full range line array module. It achieves excellent sound pressure by using low frequency drivers with ultra-low distortion and high sensitivity mid-range drivers. It creates a linear sound source with its plane wave driver equipped with its own annular ring diaphragm, and achieves excellent directional control and highly reproducible sound.

[Studer Japan Broadcast Ltd.]
■ First exhibition of STUDER's new "VISTA X" console
 In addition to the first exhibition in Japan of STUDER's "VISTA X" new flagship console announced at the April 2014 NAB, all of STUDER's very popular models, including the "VISTA 5 M3", "VISTA 1", "OnAir 3000", "OnAir 2500", and "OnAir 1500" were planned for the exhibit.
 In addition, they exhibited other manufacturers' products, such as Grass Valley's "GV Director Compact Production Sensor", "K2 Summit 3G Video Sensor", and "K2 Dyno S Replay System", RT Software's "tOG Sports sport graphics" and "K2 Dyno" integration, Bannister Lake's "Score Bug Soccer Graphics" (reference exhibit), and "GV Director" integration, and LSB's "VSM Integrated Studio Control System" (reference exhibit).

- "GV Director Compact Production Center"
 This nonlinear production platform has integrated switcher, video server, graphics generator, and multi-viewer functions. It has 8 inputs and 4 outputs for HD/SD-SDI (embedded audio support for 16ch) and 2 inputs and 4 outputs for analog audio. Easy operation is possible with the (optional) touch screen monitor.

[First Engineering Co., Ltd.]
■ Exhibition of "AVOLITES", with the global top share of lighting consoles, and the up-and-coming French LED equipment, represented by its "AYRTON" LED moving panel
 AVOLITES exhibited the anticipated "AVOLITES Quartz" lighting console announced this fall, and the up-and-coming French LED equipment, represented by its "AYRTON" LED moving panel. The "AVOLITES Quartz" was debuted at the recent PLASA London. It was a topic of speculation even before its unveiling, drawing crowds at the PLASA venue. This Inter BEE 2014 is its first exhibition in Japan.

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Konan 3-5-14
Inter BEE Booth: Professional Audio / Hall 1 / 1309