【Inter BEE 2012】Astrodesign reveals new lineup for full coverage of 4K workflow; camera head, SSD, subtitler are 4K broadcast ready

2012.10.30 UP

AH-4413 4K camera head
HR-7510 portable 4K uncompressed SSD recorder

HR-7510 portable 4K uncompressed SSD recorder

At Inter BEE this year (Video & Broadcast Equipment #5410) Astrodesign, which has been developing and building products for high definition video production for many years, will introduce a 4K workflow suite with some exciting new items. From image capture to recording and playback, editing, and display, this lineup of products will cover all aspects of a 4K video production workflow.

■ 4K camera head can be used for broadcast production
Astrodesign's new AH-4413 camera head enables real time 4K image capture. 4K cameras made for digital cinema production have been used for television production, but because high definition raw images must be processed first, there was no way to monitor the image in real time during the actual shoot. The AH-4413 will process and output 4K (3840x2160@59.94/60) progressive images in real time to enable on the spot monitoring, so that the cameraman can verify image quality through the viewfinder and make necessary adjustments. The AH-4413 camera head is ideal for use in sports broadcasting and other applications.

■ SSD recorder captures EOS C500 RAW output without compression
The 4K uncompressed SSD recorder HR-7510 is a smaller version of the 4K SSD recorder HR-7512-A. It is portable and can be connected directly to the camera. The HR-7510 can capture RAW output from the Canon Cinema EOS C500 camera without compression. Astrodesign's Hiroyuki Matsuda (sales group 1) explains, 'We have offered stationary recorders in the past but, we wanted to make a portable type so that we could see broader application of the device, since it can be connected to a camera and used outdoors.'

■ Subtitler indispensable to television programming is 4K compatible
Astrodesign will show its GG-167 frame memory board as a sample at its booth. This editing tool enables closed captioning for television programming to be done in 4K format.
Astrodesign has a full line-up of 4K compatible monitors for on-set playback or editing studio use, from 9-inch to 60-inch. Its 32-inch monitor features Sharp's IGZO technology. Sharp developed the IGZO compound semiconductor which, when used for the switching transistors in LCD panel displays, has 20x to 50x the electron mobility compared to amorphous silicon semiconductors. High electron mobility means that more current can be passed through a smaller element, reducing panel power consumption and enhancing picture detail. Sharp's release of the technology at CEATEC this year garnered a great deal of attention.

■ Behind broader use of 4K imaging: agility in connecting with makers, broadcasters
Astrodesign's Hiroyuki Matsuda (sales group 1) talks about how the use of 4K imaging is broadening.
'Astrodesign has been involved with the 4K format from the beginning, and my impression is that the tide has finally turned. We had been selling 4K equipment to companies for research purposes, but lately we are seeing more people using 4K for product demo displays and on production sets. There was a lot of 4K in play at CEATEC where it seemed almost every exhibitor was using it for game or computer image display.' Matsuda also notes that 'demand for 4K content is also increasing' for use in product demos and picture quality evaluation. Astrodesign released a library of 4K images last year and added to that recently with a group of Ogasawara Island images. 'Shot in uncompressed format they are perfect for evaluation purposes,' explains Matsuda.
Matsuda believes use of 4K for real time production including television broadcast is broadening. 'Technically we are very close to live broadcasting in 4K. There is demand for remote broadcast of surgical imaging, and we anticipate a growing market for real time imaging such as for giant screen public viewings. As far as Astrodesign is concerned, we are fully committed to supporting 4K image production by covering all 4K production workflow equipment, so that we can be agile in terms of connecting with other 4K players.'

【Inter BEE 2012】
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