【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Panasonic Exhibit the new 'AG-HPX600' camcorder that employs AVC-Intra capable of 10-bit full-HD recording Provide reference demonstrations of remote editing and streaming with tablets

2013.11.14 UP


Under the theme of 'Link together, Link to the future', Panasonic's exhibition is centered around the notion of connection as well as offering products for the future. The new 'AG-HPX600' camcorder uses a 2/3 inch lens mount, making it possible to take advantage of existing lens assets.
The camcorder body incorporates a new design, achieving a reduction in weight to under 3 kg. The AG-HPX600 records to P2 cards, and supports AVC-Intra, allowing for 10-bit full-HD recording. Support for AVC-Ultra is planned for the future. A feature of the AG-HPX600 is the ability to select and add extra functionality. The camera’s features can be further extended through the installation of a slow playback function known as VFR.
In terms of networking features, a wireless LAN module allows for convenient viewing of camera video. Recorded video can even be edited with, or streamed to, a tablet. A demo is available at the exhibition.
microP2 cards represent a transition from traditional P2 cards to SD cards, and achieve a significant reduction in cost. At present, an adapter can be used to allow microP2 cards to be used in the P2 card slot, and support will be added for microP2 cards in the future. By continuing to adopt microP2 cards for their handheld devices, Panasonic plans to continue to reduce the size and weight of their cameras.