【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 TC Group Japan exhibits its updated processor, the System 6000 Mk II, and unveils its conversion tool 'UpCon', for upconversion and downconversion between stereo and 5.1 surround sound

2013.11.15 UP

The UpCon format conversion device
The System 6000 Mk II multichannel signal processor

The System 6000 Mk II multichannel signal processor

 TC Group Japan (booth: 4302) is prominently displaying its new logo and putting on display all of the brands and products the company now handles, following the changes in structure and strategy announced in April.
The System 6000 Mk II is the new version of the 'System 6000' multichannel signal processor which has supported audio processing in broadcasting and production for many years. The new version is a reworking of the original product which incorporates new code and adds the new components 'Film 6000' and 'Broadcast 6000', while retaining 'Reverb 6000' and 'Mastering 6000'.
A new product from TC Electronic is also unveiled for the first time at the booth. 'UpCon' is a device which converts stereo to 5.1 surround sound, and is compatible with SD/HD/3G SDI. It is also able to convert in reverse, from 5.1 to stereo. UpCon is an extension of the 'Unwrap' software which came with the 'System 6000', and performs conversions that are free of phase interference. It is not yet determined when the product will start being shipped.
Two additional products which support compliance with guidelines on the moderation of broadcast sound volume are on display — the 'DB4/6/8 Mk II' loudness controller, and the acclaimed 'TouchMonitor' series of loudness meters. Visitors are welcome to try out these devices.