Inter BEE 2014: Keisoku Giken: with a motto of, "8K, right away," Keisoku Giken presents a range of solutions for upscaling PC, HD, 4K, and other sources to 8K, shows a 116'' 8K multi-display

2014.11.8 UP

The UDR-N50A supports 4K/60P recording

The UDR-N50A supports 4K/60P recording

FE-R1EX superresolution HD→4K transcoder unit

FE-R1EX superresolution HD→4K transcoder unit

Mr. Tabata

Mr. Tabata

 Keisoku Giken exhibited at Inter BEE 2014 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba from November 19 through 21 (booth 6208). Its slogan was "8K, right away," and it presented a range of solutions to that end.
Hiroshi Tabata, leader of the Visualware Sales Unit at Keisoku Giken, said, "At last year's Inter BEE, we showed a superresolution unit that upscaled 4K video to 8K. We've powered that idea up this year, and we now have solutions that can scale from 4K to 8K, HD to 8K, PC to 8K, and more, changing various sources to 8K format."

The main stage was given over to a multi-display grid made up of a 2x2 array of four 58'' 4K professional LCD displays to create a 116'' equivalent 8K compatible display. This was used to demonstrate a range of 8K solutions.

■Pitches how a range of content can be shown at 8K resolution

Tabata was on hand to give impromptu presentations and explain the tools.

He said, "Why not output presentation software from a PC and upconvert it to 8K? We can also take content from BS or terrestrial broadcasts and show it at 8K. Formal 8K super high-definition broadcasts won't begin until 2018, when NHK begins a pilot. Using our superresolution unit, you can begin experimenting with 8K right away, screen content, and begin researching new possibilities. We want to show the public what they can do today."

■The appeal of 8K using FE superresolution units

The company's FE lineup of products draw on the widespread use of high-definition in the terrestrial broadcasting space and the fact that, following pilot testing of 4K and 8K broadcasts, many 4K televisions on sale feature superresolution technology. Keisoku Giken is positioning itself as a provider of FE superresolution units that make secondary use of these latent features, and it is pitching its products to the video production and related industries.

Unlike edge enhancement, the typical high-quality processing technique that comes to mind, and also a page apart from existing techniques like superresolution by reprocessing, Keisoku Giken uses non-linear internal processing for its superresolution upscaling.

The company's high performance UDR line of products continue to be widely used as reference systems for the "most pure imaging" required for work in compression codecs, which call for very precise image analysis and extremely accurate color reproduction, as well as for cutting edge R&D work on video displays.

The UDR-N50A supports 4K/60P recording and aids the digital content business as it continues to move from 2K, to 4K, to 8K. In addition to offering 4K/60P native recording, in can be deployed as a multi-channel playback device. Through this exhibit, Keisoku Giken is hoping to show how its solutions can bring the appeal of 8K to clients' doorsteps.

■Experience "8K, right away"

"With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics coming up, the 8K era is closer than we think. Our company has been working with 4K for over ten years, and 4K technology has become the norm at Inter BEE. We want to use these expos to keep looking ahead to the future and get visitors to realize that 8K is something they can use right away. We welcome people to come and see that for themselves," said Tabata.
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