"StudioLive" Family of Digital Mixer by PreSonus

2012.11.16 UP

 MI7 Japan had a hands-on demonstration of the three brands PreSonus, Solid State Logic, and Quantec based on the theme, ""Live Sound, DAW, MADI"".
 Among the PreSonus products, in addition to the ""StudioLive"" family, live & DAW solutions such as ""Studio One"" 64Bit DAW, which has been highly evaluated in recent years, is on display. These are hardware/software integrated digital mixing and recording systems that include necessary functions for live sound, live recording, and studio work. In the ""StudioLive"" family, ""StudioLive 24.4.2"", ""StudioLive 16.4.2"", and ""StudioLive 16.0.2"" are all exhibited. All three have the same operation style. It is similar to an analog mixer. By connecting with a computer, a smart module can be added on allowing for remote control using an iPad. The audio interface can also be used on a computer by USB.
 From Solid State Logic, the ""Alpha-Link"" series of MADI audio converters with beautiful curved solid aluminum chassis and an SSL AD/DA circuit, and the ""MADI-X8"" MADI routing system are being displayed as MADI solutions.
 From Quantec, ""Yardstick 2496"", which is a 2 input 6 output high-end stereo/surround room simulator that can recreate amazing QRS sound, is being displayed.  MI7 Japan is exhibiting the ""STUDIOLIVE"" digital mixer by PreSonus and the SSL Alpha-Link MX series.