[InterBEE 2012] Media Integration - Demos of new mic products made by the American company Earthworks, and a loudness control solution from the British company Nugen Audio

2012.11.7 UP

The 'WL40V' wireless mic head
Gooseneck mic from the Installation series

Gooseneck mic from the Installation series

Media Integration (pro audio division #4108) will exhibit the 'WL40V' wireless high-definition vocal mic head made by the American company Earthworks, as well as its 'Installation' mic series for equipment/sound. British company Nugen Audio will exhibit its latest loudness control solution.

-Using the 'SR40V' wired mic as a base to create a wireless capsule
The WL40V is a hand-held transmitter capsule that converts wireless mics into high-definition wireless mics. This product is a wireless capsule based on the SR40V wired mic, and is being used during tours by legendary artists such as James Taylor and Steely Dan as well as young popular artists such as Garbage. Just like the SR40V, it realizes a flat and quick impulse response of up to 40kHz and captures clear and natural-sounding vocals. It realizes a true 'live sound' without losing any of a singer's charm - it picks up even subtle nuances. Shirley Manson, the vocalist of Garbage, commented that even on stage, it allows you to hear your own voice just like during a recording. It was displayed at the booth together with the wireless system.

The new Installation series from Earthworks is made up of products that realize clear sound quality when using remote communication systems such as video-conferences, thus allowing for an improvement in the quality of meetings and in results through the facilitation of the gaining of a precise grasp of meeting proceedings. The company's high-resolution sound capture technology allows for the accurate transmission of a speaker's voice, thus reducing stress during a meeting. It is also compact in size and its position can be finely adjusted using its gooseneck.

-Staff from the British company Nugen Audio visit Japan and present their latest product, loudness control software
Nugen Audio offers the tools necessary for loudness control, from the content production stage to server file management, corresponding to the purpose they are needed for. They provide prompt feedback that responds to the on-site demands of users and have thousands of case studies in North America and Europe where they have introduced their products. Their products have also been adopted by many broadcasters, studios and content creators in Japan. On this occasion they are exhibiting their latest software solution which is even further evolved. Staff from their headquarters in Britain will visit Japan to provide a detailed explanation of the product's features.

[InterBEE 2012]
Inter BEE is a professional audio, visual and communications exhibition that brings together top-class domestic and foreign broadcasting equipment, imaging equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment, IPTV, Mobile TV, cross-media and peripheral applications and solutions under one roof. The exhibition provides a great opportunity for all people involved in media production to learn about the latest trends in the creative and media businesses.

It will be held from November 14 (Wed) - 16 (Friday) at the Makuhari Messe (Admission is Free).