[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Bose "F1 Model 812" powered portable SR speaker Achieve ideal coverage to match your venue by changing speaker array configuration

2015.11.19 UP

F1 Model 812
F1 Subwoofer

F1 Subwoofer

At their own booth at Inter BEE 2015 (Pro audio categry, booth number 1304), Bose are exhibiting their flexible array loudspeaker, the "F1 Model 812", and the subwoofer "F1".

The "F1 Model 812" is the industry's first powered portable SR speaker which allows control of vertical coverage direction. Through it's flexible array technology, which allows adjustment of the speaker array configuration, ideal coverage to match the venue can be achieved, whether the speaker is on the floor or on the stage, whether performing towards inclined seats or balcony seats. Avoiding deadzones or unwanted reflected sounds, it really does make it possible to deliver an sound you can be confident about only to the places where you want it.

The "F1" subwoofer is a subwoofer designed to perfectly match the "F1 Model 812". Through its unique design with two 1000W 10 inch drivers, it provides all the performance required in a compact size. In this way it achieves the performance of a large size subwoofer, but with increased speed and convenience in carrying and setting up. And, because a speaker stand designed for use with the F1 Model 812 is integrated into the subwoofer, a regular speaker stand is not needed. It can quickly and easily be set up with the F1 Model 812.