Inter BEE 2015 TV Ikegami Tsushinki An exhibition of the 8K camera "SHK-810" This product has been realized in a new compact size, 1/10 in size compared to the first generation 8K camera

2015.11.19 UP

2/3 type 4K 3CMOS 4K camera system
4K switcher  MuPS-4000 series

4K switcher MuPS-4000 series

8K camera  SHK-810

8K camera SHK-810

Ikegami Tsushinki is utilizing the latest technology, beginning with this new 8K camera, and will be exhibiting the latest 4K and HD solutions.
In 8K, this practical model of the "SHK-810," which has been realized in a new compact size at 1/10 the size of the first generation 8K camera, will be introduced.
In 4K, in addition to the "4K System Camera"(sample product) equipped with a 2/3 type 4K 3CMOS sensor, the miniature switcher "CSS-400" - which is 4K compatible with the switcher system MuPS-4000 series - will be exhibited for the first time, with 4K production solutions being offered as well, including an Avid 4K editing system.
Other offerings include a 4K converter board which can effectively utilize HD assets to output 4K visuals, and a newly developed 1.2GHz/2.3GHz dual band ultra miniature FPU transmitter, the "PP-90."