【InterBEE 2013】DHT Corporation ― Accusys high-speed RAID storage system with support for PCI-E 2.0, approx. twice as fast as Thunderbolt, capable of loading up to eight SSD

2013.11.18 UP

View of DHT Corporation’s booth

View of DHT Corporation’s booth

At Inter BEE 2013, held for three days from November 13 to 15 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, DHT Corporation showcased the Accusys B08S2-PS (above photo), a compact, high-speed RAID storage system offered by the company.

■ Delivers actual measured speed of 1,200 MB/s, twice as fast as Thunderbolt
The Accusys B08S2-PS storage server can fit up to eight SSD and provide 1,400 MB/s read and 1,300 MB/s write speeds utilizing PCI Express 2.0, enabling 16-bit 4K video editing as well as multi-stream 2K video editing. It weighs 5 kg. “This system has actual measured read and write speeds of 1,200 MB/s, which is about twice as fast as the thunderbolt, so you can copy, say, 1 TB in 12 minutes,” the presenter explained.
The B08S2-PS includes a DAS 20 Gb QSFP HBA and 2 m QSFP cable for the purpose of connecting to workstations and SANs. According to DHT, “If you connect two B08S2-PS’s using a dual-port QSFP HBA and use the OS striping function, you will have double the capacity and twice the read/write speed of a single unit, enabling you to handle large volumes of data easily." Moreover, “If you connect a B08S2-PS to one of the ports of a dual-port QSFP HBA and the other port to an SAN, then you will be able to transfer data at high speeds between the B08S2-PS and the other storage system which is connected to the SAN."

■ Ensures reliability with Performance Equalization mode (EQ mode)
The system also comes equipped with a Performance Equalization (EQ) mode for preventing dropped frames in video data and stabilizing read/write operations, as well as DLP (disk lag proof) technology which utilizes algorithms to prevent lag and enable completion of data transfer even when a drive causes lag due to multiple read/write retries because of deterioration or defects in the drive. “We are emphasizing reliability over transfer performance,” stated the presenter. Supported operating systems include Windows 7/8 and Mac OS.

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