【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Solid State Logic ― Exhibiting its first sound reinforcement console, the "Live L500," for the first time in Japan

2013.11.14 UP

SSL Live professional audio console

Solid State Logic (SSL) Japan (booth 4414) is exhibiting its first sound reinforcement console, the "Live L500," for the first time in Japan. It has varied and unique functionality that other sound reinforcement consoles do not, such as 96KHz operation as a standard feature. With optical cables it supports up to two systems and 512 channels. It can support large-scale concerts with the use of a stage box.

The digital broadcast console "C10HD" is being exhibited loaded with the latest version 4 software. This all-in-one digital console is the first large-format console to have the processor built in to the control surface. It also has a production assisting function called "Production Helper."

A "C100HDS" model equipped with the latest version 5 software is being introduced. With the latest version, it is possible to split console functions during two-person operation, allowing things like layer settings to be fixed to different operators. Formats and PFL functions can also be expanded.

The hybrid console "AWS948" combines the functionality of both an analog console and a DAW controller, and its "A-FADA" function allows the use of DAW automation data to control analog faders. It is the only analog console where every module operates in each of the stereo, mono, in-line, and dual-line modes.

For the XLogic brand, the peripheral I/O X-Rack and the new Sigma are being exhibited. Sigma is an analog summing unit, using automation data in the DAW to making summing possible in the realm of analog.