[Inter BEE 2018] Exhibition of NCS U-SDI Compatible Uncompressed Full-Spec 8K Recorders and Other New 4K/8K Devices and IP Standard Two-Way Conversion Equipment

2018.11.9 UP

Uncompressed 4K/8K Recorder

Uncompressed 4K/8K Recorder "DAB8000 Series"

All-in-One Analysis Apparatus for the Development of Next-Generation 8K Equipment,

All-in-One Analysis Apparatus for the Development of Next-Generation 8K Equipment, "DAB8000 Mini Series"

Multi-Interface Converter

Multi-Interface Converter "DCB8000 Series"

4K/8K Video Over IP Converter

4K/8K Video Over IP Converter "DCB-IP Series"

Nippon Control System (NCS), a company manufacturing high-quality image processing systems and signal control systems, exhibited products compatible with 8K and video over IP technology at Inter BEE 2018, an event held from November 14th (Wed.) to 16th (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe.
 A total of three different 8K-compatible products were exhibited. These products were the following: an uncompressed recorder, a multi-function analysis device with an 8K waveform monitor function installed, and a multi-interface converter. One major distinctive feature of all three products is their support of full-spec 8K resolution (7,680 x 4,320 pixels, 119.98 Hz, RGB 4: 4: 4). The two IP products the company exhibited were the SMPTE ST 2202-6 and the SMPTE ST 2110, devices which can handle both two-way and simultaneous conversion between two different IP standards.

■Uncompressed recording of full-spec 8K video
 The DR8000 Series "4K/8K Uncompressed Recorder" can record and playback uncompressed full-spec 8K video footage. It features U-SDI (Ultra high-definition Signal/Data Interface) as the standard interface. U-SDI, which was developed by NHK, has been standardized as the ARIB STD-B58 transmission protocol, and international standardization is also underway. This protocol uses a single 24-core optical fiber cable to transmit full-spec 8K video. The interface can also be reconfigured in different formats such as 3D-SDI x 16 ch, 12G-SDI x 4 ch, and 12G-SDI x 8 ch. 
 With the DR8000 Series, you can record and playback up to 60 minutes of UDTV standard full-spec 8K video footage as uncompressed data an actual rate of 200 Gbps. Since this product can also be used for importing and exporting DPX, TIFF, and YUV files, it can be used as a signal source in addition to as a content creation tool. It can also be used for evaluation of image quality evaluation, as well as algorithm evaluation and equipment development. Can also be connected to an external controller using the RS422 9-pin protocol.
 The front of the device is fitted with a 15.6-inch WXGA touch panel, providing an intuitive user interface using a thumbnail display. This product has already been adopted for research and development applications.

■Analyzer Device with Integrated 8K Video Signal Conversion Function
 The DAB8000 mini Series "Multi-Function Analysis Device" is a single unit loaded with six different functions.
 The functions available are as follows: (1) UHDTV-compatible waveform monitoring, (2) UHDTV-compatible protocol analyzer, (3) UHDTV-compatible pattern generator, (4) UHDTV-compatible audio analyzer, (5) UHDTV-compatible signal converter, and (6) UHDTV-compatible focus shifter.
 Compatible with U-SDI, 3G-SDI, and 12G-SDI interfaces. Also supports 12G-SDI TICO compressed signals.

 The pattern generator can be used with imported user images. Also, conversion between U-SDI and 3G-SDI protocols and RGB and YCbCr image structures is included with the signal conversion function. The unit also features a focus shift function.
 All of this functionality is achieved in a 3U half-rack size, the smallest in the industry, making it convenient to use on filming sets.

■Converter Compatibility for a Variety of Interfaces, Including 8K Video TICO Compression/Expansion
 The DC8000 Series "Multi-Interface Converter 4K/8K" is a 19-inch rack 3U size and can be used to convert full-spec 8K video data into a variety of interface formats. Integrated 12G-SDI, U-SDI, TICO compressed 12G-SDI, DisplayPort, and NMI interface boards. Can be used for any combination of input and output conversions. The high level of expandability is also a distinctive feature, and additional interface boards can be mounted as necessary.

 Yosuke Iino, the leader of the Digital System Unit at Nippon Control System, described the product as follows. "By combining this product with 8K equipment, it can be used for not only research, evaluation, and development purposes but also a variety of uncompressed data functions such as video recording and public viewing, signage, and large display input, providing the beauty of 8K video for these applications." "It also supports simple editing and playlist creation functions. Playlists can be edited in units of one frame, and the high level of freedom has been praised by critics." (Iino)
 A demo was held at the venue with three units running connected together. The demo featured 8K content playback with the recorder, U-SDI -> 12G-SDI conversion with the converter, and video analysis with the analyzer all performed live.

■Integrated Hitless Switching Function for Two Different Video Over IP Standards
 The DCB-IP Series "4K/8K Video Over IP Converter" can be used to convert between two different video over IP standards, unlike existing SDI and IP converters. This unit can be used for conversions to and from both SMPTE ST 2202-6 and SMPTE ST 2110. ST 2022-6 is also known as SDI Over IP, and can be used for sending SDI signals over IP as is. ST 2110 transmits data over IP split up into three components: video, audio, and other components.

 Supports defined hitless conversion through SMPTE ST 2022-7. When transmitting video footage remotely, this function provides duplication when a fault is anticipated, transmitting primary and secondary data so that if there is a problem with the primary data feed the transmission can switch over to the secondary data. As a result, even if the primary data transmission is interrupted, the receiving side will switch to the secondary data and continue receiving footage.
 Compatible with both compressed and uncompressed 4K video footage and features a built-in encoder and decoder for TICO compression and expansion support. For this reason, it can also be used as a conversion device for interface standard conversion while retaining compression.

 Supports the AMWA NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 next-generation control standards. Can be connected with other manufacturers' AMWA NMOS compatible products or used for remote operation over a remote network.
 Also useful for ST 2110 creation and ST 2022-6 program data transmission at broadcasting networks. Since it can also be used for TICO compression and expansion only without any standard conversion, this product can connect with ST 2110 on either the LAN side or the WAN side of a network, providing uncompressed transmission on the LAN side or compression transmission on the WAN side.

[Exhibitor Information] Nippon Control System Corporation
■Head Office Address
2-7-9 Shinyokohama, Yokohama Kohoku-ku, Kanagawa
■Hall / Booth Number
Video Production and Broadcasting Equipment Division, Hall 6 / Booth 6211