【Inter BEE 2015 TV】 Photron exhibits the EVS recording control application X Fly Streamer, recommends use with Photron-developed STING for variety, drama

2015.11.27 UP

Demo with EVS XS and Photron STING

Photron exhibits and demonstrates the latest video production equipment and solutions for the three key concepts of 4K production, sports/stadium/drama & variety, and on-air graphics.

The EVS recording control application X Fly Streamer is exhibited and recommended as an HD CAM replacement. VTR-like GUI, enables one-click operability for video record and replay. And it includes a scheduling function. For drama/variety segments, Photron also recommends improving the efficiency of program file recording with the studio ingest solution STING by Photron, which provides powerful assistance in program file recording. It has been developed to enable utilization of superb overseas products in line with Japanese program production workflow.