Inter BEE 2013: Canon / Canon Marketing Japan presents a 30-inch 4K LCD display and demonstrates 4K products and a wide range of HD solutions, building on its track record of achievements

2013.11.13 UP

The C500 4K camera
The DP-V3010 4K display screen

The DP-V3010 4K display screen

Canon (booth no. 8322) presents examples from its range of new 4K products, as well as HD products. With the theme of "Sharing the next solution — moving to the future of video production with Canon," the products are characterized as examples of "expansion," "evolution," and "solutions."
In terms of "expansion," this being Canon, a wide range of video systems is on offer, from HD cameras for business use, through to the Cinema EOS System, which has distinguished itself in an extensive variety of filming contexts — cinema, television programs, and commercials, including 4K applications — since it went on sale in 2012.
As for "evolution," the firmware has been upgraded so that the EOS C100 now supports dual pixel CMOS AF technology — a first for the Cinema EOS series. All Canon EF lenses support continuous AF (autofocus) so that a small number of people can easily and promptly respond to filming contingencies. In addition, the EOS C300 and EOS C500 cameras support high-sensitivity ISO8000 photography. The C500 is compatible with 4K color gamuts including DIC-P3+ and Cinema Gamut.
Canon announces the new 30-inch 4K LCD screen, the DP-V3010. Using a video engine for display, developed by Canon, and proprietary RGB LED backlighting together with an IPS liquid crystal panel, this display screen demonstrates faithful color reproduction, high resolution, and high contrast.