Inter BEE 2014 TV: Japan Material: Real-time 3D character generator “Karisma CG” on exhibit; Already adopted by broadcasters in 24 countries worldwide; Optimized for the latest GPUs, editing and output without rendering

2014.11.29 UP

3D full HD character generator, Karisma CG

Japan Material exhibited at Inter BEE 2014 where they showed their “Karisma CG” 3D character generator for broadcasting use made by Korea-based VRi.

“Karisma CG” is optimized for the latest GPUs and uses their proprietary graphics engine; full 3D-CG can be edited and output without rendering. It has already been adopted by terrestrial broadcasters in 24 countries, CATV, and for post-production around the world.

Operation is simple with its intuitive interface. The character generation can even apply effects and animations to text graphics. It can easily convert flat figures to 3D, and comes standard with a 3D graphics library. 3D modelling files made in “Max” and “Maya” are also supported.

Japan Material also exhibited a multi-camera video production system called “VidiGo” made by Holland-based VidiGo; various broadcasting equipment from Canadian company Matrox such as “Matrox Mojito4K”; and the “BrightSign4K” media player for digital signage use made by American company BrightSign.

The “VidiGoLive” multi-camera live video production system made by Dutch company VidiGo supports up to 12 live cameras, and each unit is equipped with a video switcher, audio mixer, and a video player. It can also play graphics in real-time. Programs can be managed and transmitted by one operator.

Japan Material, in addition to displaying at a booth on 1F at this year’s Inter BEE, also set up a testing studio in the customized room E in front of the 2F cafeteria to allow visitors to test out “Karisma CG” and “VidiGO Live”.

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