Inter BEE 2013 TV: NEC presented broadcasting equipment and systems of the near future based on the theme “Feel the Innovation”

2013.11.15 UP

TV master control system
TV file-based system

TV file-based system

NEC showcased their latest broadcasting equipment and systems under the theme of “Feel the Innovation.”
In the transmission equipment area, they displayed a range of solutions from master control systems to file-based systems. The display was based around the concept “Advanced & Friendly,” which has three ideas as its theme: safe design that is good for humans and the environment, nonstop innovation, and new technology to create the future of broadcasting.
Products on display included a 4K-capable HEVC codec, 4K-capable multiviewer, the new Armadia ff video server, and a 1.2G/2.3G-band FPU system.
On the main stage at the front of the booth, NEC had set up a virtual master control room to put forward their idea for a next-generation studio system. Along with their basic concept, NEC presented their vision for a broadcast system of the near future, showing how to combine a file-based system and a baseband system within a studio system amid the continuing changes brought about by file-based workflows.