【Inter BEE 2013】Ask: Complete Thunderbolt Product Line Installation, Next-Generation Data Transmission Interface, Timecode Buddy

2013.11.14 UP

Thunderbolt Lab Corner

 Ask Corporation (Booth 8409) will show next generation data transmission interface and infrastructure products, including the full line of Thunderbolt-compatible products in its Thunderbolt Labs corner and 16GB fiber channel and FCoE solutions displays in its Atto corner. Ask will also do the first live product demo in Japan of the Timecode Buddy system that sends and receives timecode with subframe accuracy via RF signal and Wi-Fi.
Ask will also introduce and display a variety of products that will be essential to file-based workflow moving forward. Among these are the network asset management solution CatDV series for iPad and iPhone, fully LTO-6-compatible archive appliance Cache-A and the highly augmentable and reliable Synology NAS with a marvelous GUI and advanced RAID technology.
On top of that, products from GB Labs (Booth 8315) and Telestream (Booth 8317) will also be on display. The full line of Space series diverse line up of image production network storage products for image production from GB Labs will be at the show including the 4K Duo 4K storage solution that was launched at IBC 2013.
Telestream is displaying its new Vantage version 6.0 that completely automates file-based workflow alongside its LIghtspeed Server proprietary server hardware that does rapid file-conversion via GPU acceleration.