[Inter BEE 2016 T] Traffic Sim Exhibited "MARKS," an Overall Aggregate Monitoring System, "RecShare," a Broadcast Data Transmission System that Transmits within the Station or Shares Broadcast Data, and Various Broadcast Monitoring Systems

2016.11.24 UP

"MARKS," an Overall Aggregate Monitoring System

At Inter BEE 2016, Traffic Sim exhibited various broadcast monitoring systems, "RecShare," the broadcast data transmission system, and others. "RecShare," a new product, is a system that easily transmits within the station or shares broadcast data. ARIB subtitle playback has been realized on a web browser without a plug-in. It is also cloud compatible.
In addition, "MARKS," a new product and overall aggregate monitoring system, "Alert Magic MMT/TS," a broadcast monitoring system, a 4K/8K legal synchronous recording system, "OneDer," a 1seg monitoring system, and "HACOBE 2/9," a TS analyzer, among others, were exhibited.

■"MARKS," an Overall Aggregate Monitoring System
A new monitoring system that connects not only to Traffic Sim products that are useful in various aspects but also to all systems from other companies. As a demonstration, a connection to Traffic Sim's multi-synchro viewer was exhibited.

■"Alert Magic MMT/TS," a Broadcast Monitoring System
"Alert Magic," which can monitor TS and MMT, was exhibited. While all inputs are transitioning to IP, this system is compatible with a wide range. Including comparative monitoring, this monitoring system that grows each day was introduced.

■"Jack," a 4K/8K Legal Synchronous Recording System
Jack, the 4K/8K legal synchronous recording system and 4K specific software player with results already delivered, was exhibited.

■"OneDer," a 1seg Monitoring System
A new monitoring product that can broadcast and constantly display subtitles and data for 1seg broadcasting. It enables 1 stop confirmation of information related to 1seg.

■"HACOBE 2/9," a TS Analyzer
HEVC decoding using HACOBE was demonstrated. "HACOBE2," which can receive IP, such as IPv4/v6 multi-casts, and "HACOBE9," a 1U rack mount that was released in May of this year, were exhibited.

In addition, usage methods of the legal synchronous recording system, and cloud solutions for demodulation of ISDB-S3 were introduced.

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