Inter BEE 2015 TV: NTT Electronics exhibits the new HHC10000 Series, a real-time H.265/HEVC encoder/decoder in use at major sports and events worldwide

2015.11.19 UP

The HHC10000
The HHC11000

The HHC11000

The NTT Electronics booth (video and broadcast equipment, #5301) at Inter BEE 2015 exhibited the new HHC10000 Series, a high-fidelity real-time H.265/HEVC encoder/decoder.

The new HHC10000 Series is the next iteration of the HV9100 Series in use at major sporting events around the world. It inherits the high resolution, high functionality, low latency, and high stability of its predecessor and achieves real-time 4:2:2 H.265/HEVC encoding/decoding through an ASIC developed by the company. The ASIC allows the unit to achieve a small formfactor, low power consumption, stability, and low latency.

Using H.265/HEVC for high image quality, the unit also achieves low bitrate and lowers the bandwidth used for reduced transfer costs.

In addition to DVB-ASI transfer, it also supports IP transfer. The unit supports seamless protection for the redundancy needed to achieve stable IP transmission. Even if packet loss is sustained on the network or there is extreme jitter, the content persists in high quality.

At the Inter BEE 2015 showfloor, the company showed live the unit's real-time encoding and decoding, allowing visitors to see the image quality and latency of the resulting video.