[Inter Bee 2015 TV] Traffic Sim 8K4K Solution MMT/IP/, TLV/IP recording and playback equipment specimens on display.

2015.11.20 UP

TSim Web API

At Traffic Sim's booth (booth number 6311) at Inter Bee 2015, specimens of 8K4K solution MMT/IP/, and TLV/IP recording and playback equipment will be exhibited. Among the products on display this time are "HACOBE2", a TS analyzer which has prioritized IP input and output functions and "DSCR-T", a descrambler targeted at terrestrial digital broadcasting, as well as development proposals for special order systems employing Tsim WebAPI. As for TS monitoring systems, 2TS comparative monitoring and IP monitoring systems will be exhibited. STB monitoring recorder 'STB Watcher' multiview function, which supports multipoint monitoring, will also be display in a way which makes it easy to understand.