[Inter BEE 2016 T] YUASA Developed the "Multiaxis Pan & Tilt System" for Broadcasting Van Telescopic Masts, which has a Load Capacity of 20kg and Enables Driving in Different Directions of a Maximum of 3 Mounted Devices

2016.11.25 UP

Multiaxis Pan & Tilt
Electric Widening Device

Electric Widening Device

At Inter BEE 2016, exhibited the new "Multiaxis Pan & Tilt System" mounted on a broadcasting van telescopic mast system (YT1810D). In addition, new products, such as "Small Electronic Widening Device 500st" and "SWIFT Mast," were exhibited.

■"Multiaxis Pan & Tilt System" for Broadcasting Van Telescopic Masts
Current pan and tilt systems have specifications that allow devices (transmitters, cameras, etc.) to be mounted on the L brackets on the left and right, but because the elevation direction for the left and the right are on the same axis, the direction could only be specified as the same for both. With the new "Multiaxis Pan & Tilt System" introduced, by implementing independent axes for the L brackets on the left and right, the elevation direction can be set independently for the left and right.
Also, the load capacity for mounts has been increased from 15kg to 20kg, achieving specifications that allow heavier objects to be mounted. Another pan and tilt platform can be mounted on top of a pan and tilt platform. As a result, there are a total of 5 axes for rotating elevation, and a maximum of 3 mounted devices can be driven in different direction.

■"Small Electronic Widening Device 500st"
As standard hydraulic widening devices are heavy, depending on the vehicle, mounting had been impossible due to the maximum load. The "Small Electronic Widening Device 500st" has been developed as a widening device that can me mounted on small trucks. Compared to the normal hydraulic widening device 500st, the weight was reduced by 40%. This device is 500kg, compared to the weight on board of 700kg.

■"SWIFT Mast"
"SWIFT Mast" is the next generation model of the TPM mast series. With this new series, the length can be adjusted in 1m intervals between 4m and 10m. The locking valve attached to the extension step had to be screwed in to be secured with the TPM mast series, but with the "SWIFT Mast," it can be secured by pushing the lever with one touch. Additionally, the standardly equipped tripod stand can be folded and carried while mounted on the mast. As an option, a caster tire for carrying can also be mounted.

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