Exhibition of a 3.54-inch viewfinder manufactured by the Dutch firm ALPHATRON that has adopted a retina display

2012.12.25 UP

INTEX exhibited in collaboration with Tec's Inc., a an associated company dealing in photographic equipment rentals. A variety of rigs were on display in a form close to the photographic style, including TILTA, MOvCAM and 3ality that are handled by Tec's. In the rig on-board cameras, there was a showcase of the ""PMW-F3"" installed with an MTF lens mount conversion, ""PMW-F3 equipped with a new ZUNOFZ16-28mmF2.8 zoom lens and a ""EOS C500PL"" that comes with a new FUJINON ZK4.7x19 lens.

Furthermore, there was a showcase for the first time in Japan of three series of matte boxes, ""Misfit,"" ""VIV"" and ""Strummer"" from the Dutch firm BRIGHT TANGERINE.

There was also an exhibition of the 3.54-inch viewfinder ""EVF-035W-3G"" that has adopted the retina display made by the Dutch firm ALPHATRON.